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    Two Day Event

    Two Day Event

    Great for counsellors and qualified practitioners to take their skills further


    Haven Hypnotherapy Academy are offering a 2-day workshop for qualified therapists.

    The 2 days will focus on hypnosis techniques (including rapid inductions) and NLP.

    This is a perfect add on for counsellors or therapists that understand abreactions and how to deal with them.

    You will learn techniques to help your clients with chronic pain. How to work with phobias and methods to shift negative belief systems and help them to develop a positive mindset.

    It is only available to qualified therapists who already have an understanding of abreactions.

    It does not qualify you as a hypnotherapist but will enable you to add these techniques to your current practice.

    Each day begins at 10.30am with an hour for lunch and finishes at 4pm. The cost for the 2 days is just ?375. Be sure to reserve your place now.

    Upcoming Events:

    8th & 9th Feb 2020 at The Pipers Inn, Aschott.