Some Of The Clients Whom I Have Helped On Their Journey

Beyond any doubt, Suzannah is a fantastic teacher. Her teaching style is next to none. Her implementation of theory, method and practical is very well thought out and it is delivered in a clear, fun, interactive and meaningful manner. She is an amazing facilitator promoting self-learning and developing critical thinking skills encouraging you to reflect on your own thinking, initiate new ideas and to trust your own intuition, giving confidence in yourself. Suzannah is very passionate about her role and puts her heart and soul into each individual that she teaches no matter who they are or where they are from. Her greatest advocate is her ability to listen and not to make any judgement. She is very patient and listens attentively to what you are trying and want to say. She takes and respects you for who you are. In today?s society this is a great attribute. She thoughtfully adapts her teaching style depending on the differentiating needs. Through her teaching, Suzannah forms professional, strong and trusting relationships. She is very caring, warm and enthusiastic which leaves you feeling valued and worthy.

Anne Brown

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I had an amazing time learning with Suzannah. The group of students I worked with were all lovely & we learnt so much from each other too.
We covered various topics & discussed many more. The practicals were great & by the end of the course you just feel so confident to go out & practice all that?s been learnt.
I volunteered various times in the course for demonstrations & Suzannah worked on my massive spider phobia & also letting go of emotions serving no purpose from the past. You don?t realise how amazing & beneficial hypnotherapy can be until you delve further into the mind. Going through it yourself also brings greater inner & understanding.
I can?t thank Suzannah enough for this wonderful opportunity. I am now excited about where this journey will take me & of course learning more in this field of therapy. Suzannah really does encourage you & through her teaching she also brings out the best in you!

Jessica May

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was well prepared and grounded in theory but had lots of practice elements that gave us confidence in our abilities. Really enjoyed working with the other students and having a ready made support group to take this further.

Mareile Bowditch

Suzannah’s Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course is exceptional. Her teaching style is relaxed and she makes the information easy to absorb with plenty of practical work to build confidence and develop your own style of working. I thoroughly recommend her courses.

Dido Clow

I have been on a number of workshops with Suzannah and cannot rate her highly enough. She has a natural warmth that puts you at ease straight away and she is completely non-judgmental in her teaching style. I have learnt a lot about myself through the different workshops and they have spurred me on to starting a course in counselling.

Heidi Braithwaite

I found Suzannah to be a wonderful teacher. Facilitating my learning through inspiration & nurturing. Using creative methods that engaged me entirely. Her passion & empathy is motivational. Thank you for your guidance.

Linsay Howard-Dean