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    What previous experience do I need??

    None, the training is suitable for beginners.

    5 days doesn?t seem long, will I be confident to practice in such a short time??

    It doesn’t end after 5 days, you will be asked to do case studies and a video to demonstrate your understanding and ability with inductions. You will also receive 3 months of 1-1 mentoring.

    Do I need insurance to practice??

    Yes definitely. You need professional indemnity and public liability.

    How much will insurance cost me??

    It varies but you will be offered discounted insurance rates if you hold a HHA diploma.

    Is there a controlling body for hypnotherapy??

    No at this moment there is no governing body.

    How much can I charge as a hypnotherapists??

    This varies between therapists but we cover this on the training.