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    My Journey into Hypnotherapy

    Over 20 years ago I started my journey into the world of hypnotherapy.

    People would often come to me with their problems. I discovered I was a good listener and had the ability to help people look at their problems in a different way.

    My journey into hypnotherapy? was the best thing I ever did.

    My journey began when we had an antique shop in Wales. I would help out there with my Husband. My 3 boys were still very young but all at school. I felt it was time to do something for me that I would enjoy. A friend suggested hypnotherapy. He had trained and started his own hypnotherapy business a year previous. I signed up and began my training. It was perfect for me at the time as it was distance learning with tests and projects along the way. I could fit around the children and work at my own pace. I soon completed the first part. Then I spent a week at the hypnotherapy school to complete my training. I qualified and set up my own private practice in a small seaside town in Pembrokeshire. This was perfect as I could set my own hours and the boys were in school nearby. My practice grew. I ran a one-line advert in the newspaper every week. This brought my initial clients, word of mouth began to spread. I was then inundated with clients, full time business happened in a short time. People are happy to travel for the services they need so it all came together. Of course, these days with the internet we can reach further afield. Sessions can happen via skype and various video platforms. Having got the learning bug I was hungry for more knowledge and techniques. I saw an advert for NLP training in London with Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Breen. All very big names and world renowned. I did the Master Practitioner training in 1996 at Kings College. All those years ago the cost of the training was ?3,500 plus London hotel fees. This was a big decision, a lot of money and 3 young children to care for. My Husband was very supportive and encouraged me to do this for which I am eternally grateful to him. With the help of good friends and the support of my Husband I packed my bags and set off for London. I well remember my youngest Son running after the train shouting Mummy. I so wanted to get off at the next stop and head back home. Having committed the money, made the decision I knew I had to get on with it. Well, ?country bumpkin in the big city? was an understatement but hey I did it and qualified as a Master Practitioner of NLP. Doing hypnosis with the likes of Paul McKenna was interesting. I realised that my previous training had stood me in good stead and I felt confident in my own abilities. I learned faster hypnosis methods combined with NLP techniques. . It was an incredible experience. I then used these methods in my private practice. Soon afer I opened another office in a nearby town, so successfully running 2 practices. The local newspaper became interested in what I was doing and did an amazing editorial for me. The journalist bit her nails such that they would bleed and as nail biters do, she was trying to hide her hands. I said ?would you like to get rid of that habit?? and she said ?of course I would but I have tried everything and can?t stop?. I told her to give me 30 minutes of her time and I would stop her biting her nails. She was very concerned that if it didn?t work, she would have to put it in the story so I said ?it will work, let?s do it now?. It did work and she grew beautiful nails so my story continued. I was then asked to do questions and answers on the local radio.

    Shortly after this my Husband had a heart attack and needed a quadruple heart bypass, it was a very scary time. The shop closed down and he had a very long recovery period. Thank goodness I had a successful business that was able to support the family through this time .

    Also,thanks to good friends who rallied to help when needed.

    That?s my story and I am grateful to the people that helped, encouraged and supported me. I am also grateful to my long time friend who introduced me to the idea of becoming a hypnotherapist.

    My journey into Hypnotherapy has been amazing and I have never looked back.

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