Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Become A Hypnotherapist With Haven Hypnotherapy Academy

If you have an interest in hypnosis or are thinking of training in hypnotherapy. The “Introduction to Hypnotherapy” will give you an understanding of hypnosis.

It is not essential for you to then attend the 5-day practical training.

However, it is essential that you read the “Introduction to Hypnotherapy” before acceptance on the training. It is a pre-requisite to the practical training and is part of the course.

Simply reading the “Introduction to Hypnotherapy” will not qualify you to practice as a Hypnotherapist or use the title in any way.

After reading this, if you wish, you can choose to enrol on the 5-day practical training. Of course, there is more work to be done after the 5 days practical and this can be done in your own time. On successful completion of all assessments you will receive a “Diploma in Hypnotherapy”. This will enable you to obtain the necessary insurance to start your practice. You will also receive 3 months mentoring and ongoing support.


Pay only £25 for the Introduction To Hypnotherapy PDF today and have it deducted from your final balance.

The Introduction to hypnotherapy is a pre-requisite to the course and is sent to you when you make a deposit or you can purchase it directly using the button below.

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