Hypnotherapy Diploma August 2020

Hypnotherapy Diploma  August 2020.  This will be held near Wells in Somerset 24th August – 28th.

The coronavirus lockdown has made life difficult for everyone right across the globe,  ourselves included.  Unfortunately we had to cancel the May diploma and it has been a bit of a dilemma knowing when to put the next one on.  Today I put on my “positive hat”  and decided to go for August 24th – 28th.  It’s still quite a way off and hopefully life will have resumed some kind of normality by then.

Hypnotherapy diploma August 2020 is not just 5 days training.  From the 24th August – 28th is just the practical aspect of the training. There is an introduction to hypnotherapy on the website which is a pre-requisite for the diploma training.  This is then followed by 5 days practical work  where you will learn various inductions and get to practice with members of the group. This, in my opinion is essential for building confidence.  After the 5 days practical you will be expected to do case studies and submit them to us for assessment. You will then be asked to do a video with the lead trainer at Haven Hypnotherapy Academy to demonstrate one of the inductions learned on the practical training.  On successful completion of these tasks you will receive your Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.  You will then have access to 3 months personal mentoring.

The virus and the lockdown might just have caused you to reflect on life, this could well be the right time to start a new fulfilling career.  Browse the website and download the course contents for free.

Meanwhile, stay well, keep positive and take good care of yourselves.

Watch the video below and if you have any questions be sure to ring me, Suzannah on 07545 139009.


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