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    Haven Hypnotherapy Academy Training

    Haven Hypnotherapy Academy Training takes a modern approach whilst still respecting traditional methods.

    We believe that practising different inductions, being hypnotised and hypnotising other members in your student group builds confidence.

    Of course, there is theory and homework. Each student will have a manual to take away with them but it?s the practical work that really creates confidence.

    Haven Hypnotherapy Academy training? is quite intense and the initial 5 days involve a lot of practical work.

    There are often some tears and always lots of laughter.? At the end of the 5 days you will have confidence in your ability to safely hypnotise others.? You will also have a clear understanding of the hypnotic state.

    We then invite you to join our ?Circle of Support? private group on facebook.? Here you can connect with other hypnotherapists that have done the Haven Hypnotherapy Academy diploma. It?s a great place to socialise, share ideas and support one another.

    After the 5 days we will ask you to do case studies and submit a report.? Then we will expect you to do a video with lead trainer Suzannah Leighton to demonstrate an induction you have learned.

    On successful completion you will receive your full diploma as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner.? 3 months mentoring with Suzannah will then follow.

    Our course is CPD approved and accredited and will give you all the tools you need to become an excellent Hypnotherapist.

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