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    Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy

    Become A Hypnotherapist With Haven Hypnotherapy Academy

    Good Hypnotherapists... NO "Excellent Hypnotherapists" YES

    At Haven Hypnotherapy Academy we aim to make YOU that "Excellent Hypnotherapist"

    Our CPD Accredited Diploma Training will enable you to go out there as an Agent of Change helping people overcome their anxieties, phobias, habitual behaviours and much more. A Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy offers a rewarding career path.

    We will encourage you to be EXCELLENT and command your worth as a true professional as well as point you in the direction to learn good marketing skills in order to establish your business.

    Our Diploma in Hypnotherapy is leading edge in terms of its content, ethics and continuous support.

    We deliver 5 Days CPD accredited Training with Haven Hypnotherapy Academy which will give you a thorough understanding of hypnosis and all the tools necessary to become a Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

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    Introduction to Hypnotherapy

    Pre-requisite to the training or simply for interest – £35

    What You Will Receive On Your Training


    A comprehensive 5 day programme covering both theory and practice of hypnotherapy.


    Post attendance online student peer support to help ensure you understand and transfer the learning effectively.


    A three-month post-diploma support to include both clinical and business coaching and mentoring.

    The 5-day training is 75% practical work to ensure you build confidence and competence

    There will also be theory and written homework assignments each day, to ensure that you have a solid understanding of hypnosis, abreactions, transference and counter transference, code of ethics for practitioners, language skills, voice tonality, contraindications for hypnosis, when not to take on certain clients, practitioner self-care, how to recognise the symptoms of burn out and what to do about it should it arise. All this and much more is covered in this comprehensive, CPD accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

    Diploma in Clinical HypnotherapyI thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was well prepared and grounded in theory but had lots of practice elements that gave us confidence in our abilities. Really enjoyed working with the other students and having a ready made support group to take this further.

    Mareile Bowditch

    Overview Of The 5 Day Diploma Programme

    Day 1

    • Meet and greet. Form filling.
    • Introductions and ice breaker, getting to know each other.
    • Discussion about the history of hypnosis. (refer to pages 5 & 6 in the manual).
    • What exactly is the state of hypnosis (refer to pages 7 & 8 in the manual).
    • Demonstration of hypnosis using PMR induction.
    • Use of voice, tonality, pacing and inflection when delivering hypnosis.
    • Practising use of voice reading a script.
    • Practice sessions.
    • Questions and answers. Discussion on the practice sessions.
    • Re-cap on the day to ensure all of the group are clear.

    Day 2

    • Discussion on Abreactions, Transference and Counter Transference.
    • Initially you will probably want to work with a script. Think about what suggestions you will need to give for lack of confidence, low self-esteem etc. This will enable you to create your own style. Your clients will tell you what they need and you can incorporate this into your script.
    • Demonstration of 1 rapid induction.
    • Practice the induction, suggestions and emergence from trance.
    • Demonstration of another rapid induction.
    • Practice the induction, suggestions and emergence from trance.
    • Questions and answers.
    • Recap on the day to ensure group have clear understanding. Understanding of the order of creating trance. Rapport, compliance, induction, suggestions and emergence from trance state.
    • Homework: Create your own scripts for a variety of issues. This way you will have your own style which is comfortable for you and soon there will be no need of scripts.

    Day 3

    • Discussion of various topics in the manual.
    • Lots of practice working in pairs to gain confidence and elegance in your delivery.
    • Lunch Break.
    • Demonstration of confusion induction.
    • Practice the induction, suggestions and emergence from trance.
    • Questions and answers.
    • Recap on the day to ensure group have clear understanding.
    • Homework: Write about abreactions, transference and counter-transference.

    Day 4

    • Demonstration of 2 confusion inductions.
    • Practice both inductions, suggestions and emergence from trance.
    • Demonstration of Non-Verbal induction.
    • Practice induction, suggestions and emergence from trance.
    • Lots of practice of several inductions throughout the afternoon.
    • Homework on various topics and inductions.

    Day 5

    • Demonstration of various techniques and practical work throughout the day.
    • More practice and assessments.
    • Discussion over coffee.
    • Explain about the case study that they will be expected to do and submit written report.
    • Evaluate the week and set project to be done on Skype for final assessment.
    • Issue Certificate of Achievement.
    • Diploma will be sent after successful completion of case study and final Skype Assessment.
    • This will be followed by 3 months mentoring via email, telephone or video.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I had an amazing time learning with Suzannah. The group of students I worked with were all lovely & we learnt so much from each other too.
    We covered various topics & discussed many more. The practicals were great & by the end of the course you just feel so confident to go out & practice all that’s been learnt.
    I volunteered various times in the course for demonstrations & Suzannah worked on my massive spider phobia & also letting go of emotions serving no purpose from the past. You don’t realise how amazing & beneficial hypnotherapy can be until you delve further into the mind. Going through it yourself also brings greater inner & understanding.
    I can’t thank Suzannah enough for this wonderful opportunity. I am now excited about where this journey will take me & of course learning more in this field of therapy. Suzannah really does encourage you & through her teaching she also brings out the best in you!

    Jessica May

    Assessment Process

    Assessments will be carried out throughout the duration of the training and on successful completion (and we do everything we can to enable you to be successful) you will receive an initial Certificate Of Attendance.

    At this point you will be added to the Facebook Group known as “Circle of Support” where you can liaise with colleagues to offer support and help to one another.

    Case Study Assessment

    You will be required to carry out a case study (this could be with a friend) and email your personal documentation of this to Haven Hypnotherapy Academy. Full details and guidance for this will be given to you on the programme.

    Video Demonstration

    You will also be required to do a simple short video session with Suzannah Leighton (lead trainer at HHA) to demonstrate one of the hypnotic induction methods learned on the training.

    Your Diploma Status

    Upon successful completion of these tasks, you will be sent your full CPD accredited Diploma in clinical Hypnotherapy.

    From the date of your Diploma you will have the opportunity of 3 months personal mentoring with Suzannah via email, video or telephone.

    Haven Hypnotherapy Academy Practitioners Group

    You will also be invited to join the Haven Hypnotherapy Academy Practitioners Group. You will have the use of our logo for your website & marketing materials and have the opportunity to obtain reduced rates of insurance for your Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance. This can be offered through a company we have a relationship with and details will be given to you.

    Suzannah’s Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course is exceptional. Her teaching style is relaxed and she makes the information easy to absorb with plenty of practical work to build confidence and develop your own style of working. I thoroughly recommend her courses.

    Dido Clow

    Dates And Venues

    24th August – 28th August 2020, WELLS, SOMERSET. Venue to be arranged.

    Course Price £1750 if booked before 10th July, normally £2400.

    A deposit of £500 secures your place.

    Choose your preferred date/venue and reserve your place using the button below

    Date & Venue


    • All deposits are non refundable.
    • Filming or recording of this workshop is not permitted.
    • We have permission to refuse attendance.
    • Clients may be removed from the programme at any time. In such instances a pro rata refund will be issued.
    • Pro rata refunds are determined by the sessions remaining.

    Alternatively, send us a message or call us today on: 07545 139009

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