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    Agents of Change Required!

    Agents of Change Required! Now more than ever excellent, well trained agents of change required. Ever thought of becoming a therapist and helping others to live their lives to the full? Helping clients to overcome life obstacles, smash their phobias and anxieties. How about that for job satisfaction? Join us at Haven Hypnotherapy Academy and train as a hypnotherapist on our fully accredited, certified diploma. A career in hypnotherapy and coaching brings great job satisfaction, a healthy bank balance and much more. Not only is it life changing for your clients but for you also! Haven Hypnotherapy Academy offers thorough, in depth training for excellence. We offer in person training and our CPD accredited online training is coming soon…. Check out the link below and…

    Hypnotherapy Accredited Diploma Training Online

    Haven Hypnotherapy Academy will soon be offering the hypnotherapy diploma online.  It is the same training as in person and is also CPD accredited but will be taking place on Zoom Break Out Rooms. Zoom break out rooms give the opportunity for people to go to separate rooms to practice the techniques whilst still having the reassurance of supervision. The online version is just as effective as the in-person training and for some people this might be a better option.   The only difference will be instead of a straight 5 days practical training it will run over 6 weekends.  This is because we feel it will be too much for people to spend 5 full days on their laptop. Each day will run from 10.30am…

    Train to be a Hypnotherapist

    Train to be a hypnotherapist with Haven Hypnotherapy Academy. We offer a thorough, comprehensive training at an affordable price. Introduction to Hypnotherapy is a pre-requisite for the 5 day practical training and can be downloaded from the website. This is then followed by 5 days practical training enabling you to get lots of hands on practice with members of the group.  The practical work  builds confidence and competence and we feel this is an essential part of training. After the practical training  case studies need to be done and reports submitted to Haven Hypnotherapy Academy for assessment. Finally a video with the lead trainer will complete your training. On successful completion you will be awarded your diploma and are ready to set up your own…

    Hypnotherapy Training in Somerset Uk

    Hypnotherapy Diploma Training in Somerset Uk, August 24th to 28th 2020. Would you like to work for yourself? You can set your own hours, get a good work/life balance and help people. Hypnotherapy is a really rewarding career and will enable you to achieve the above. No previous experience required. At Haven Hypnotherapy Academy we give you all the tools you need to succeed. Find out more by clicking on this link.         Please follow and like us:

    A Time to Reflect and Evaluate

    I think this time of lockdown has been a time to reflect and evaluate for many people. Forced into a situation of not being able to go to work. Staying home and for many working from home. Spending more quality time without the rush of everyday working life. Gardening and enjoying the sunshine.   Do you really want to go back to the office or whatever? Getting caught up in rush hour and work place stress and dramas.   Is it time to take that leap and become your own boss? To set your own hours and create a better work-life balance. To do something you love.   I wonder how many people have had that thought. Maybe it’s time to reflect and evaluate your…

    Haven Hypnotherapy Academy Story

    Haven Hypnotherapy Academy story. Here is a short video to share with you a little bit about me and my work. How Haven Hypnotherapy Academy came about as a result of my past experience. What we can offer you in terms of a new career so you can enjoy  job satisfaction helping others. Watch the video to find out more and discover our style of teaching.             Please follow and like us:

    Hypnotherapy Diploma August 2020

    Hypnotherapy Diploma  August 2020.  This will be held near Wells in Somerset 24th August – 28th. The coronavirus lockdown has made life difficult for everyone right across the globe,  ourselves included.  Unfortunately we had to cancel the May diploma and it has been a bit of a dilemma knowing when to put the next one on.  Today I put on my “positive hat”  and decided to go for August 24th – 28th.  It’s still quite a way off and hopefully life will have resumed some kind of normality by then. Hypnotherapy diploma August 2020 is not just 5 days training.  From the 24th August – 28th is just the practical aspect of the training. There is an introduction to hypnotherapy on the website which is…

    Hypnotherapy Diploma Training

    Hypnotherapy diploma training.  We had a great group in February, lots of fun and learning. They all studied the introduction to hypnotherapy before attending the practical part of the training. Very keen group and they did so well.  Wishing them well with their case studies and video so they can receive their full Accredited Hypnotherapy Diploma and begin their journeys as competent qualified hypnotherapists. Here they are practicing one of the many inductions they learned on the 5 day practical training. This was just day 4, it’s amazing how much confidence can be built in a short time.   Please follow and like us:

    Hypnotherapy Diploma Training

    Our next Hypnotherapy diploma training will be held in Somerset on May 18th to 22nd 2020. There are currently 4 places available so if you would like to join us be sure to reserve your place. The training is 5 days of theory and practical work followed by case studies.? The practical work builds confidence so at the end of the week you should be confident and competent in your ability to hypnotise others safely. There will be assessments throughout the week and everyone will get individual attention from the trainers. At the end of the 5 days you will be asked to do case studies and submit your report to Haven Hypnotherapy Academy.? You will then be asked to do a video online with…

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