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    Agents of Change Required!

    Agents of Change Required! Now more than ever excellent, well trained agents of change required. Ever thought of becoming a therapist and helping others to live their lives to the full? Helping clients to overcome life obstacles, smash their phobias and anxieties. How about that for job satisfaction? Join us at Haven Hypnotherapy Academy and…

    Train to be a Hypnotherapist

    Train to be a hypnotherapist with Haven Hypnotherapy Academy. We offer a thorough, comprehensive training at an affordable price. Introduction to Hypnotherapy is a pre-requisite for the 5 day practical training and can be downloaded from the website. This is then followed by 5 days practical training enabling you to get lots of hands on…

    Hypnotherapy Diploma Training

    Hypnotherapy diploma training.  We had a great group in February, lots of fun and learning. They all studied the introduction to hypnotherapy before attending the practical part of the training. Very keen group and they did so well.  Wishing them well with their case studies and video so they can receive their full Accredited Hypnotherapy…

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